Turbo Man Anyone?

Just an FYI Christmas is less than 2 weeks away! Almost done with the Christmas shopping, a couple more last minute gifts and should be set. How’s yours coming along?

Gotta say kids these days have some crazy options for toys! Went into Toys R Us to buy a tent for my niece Camry, and was amazed by the aisles of gifts! The possibilities were endless! What happened to the simple Barbie doll? Now there’s two aisles full of accessories, king-sized doll houses, clothes, and don’t even get me started on the types of Kens!

What even happens to all these “Hot Toys”? (Check Out This Past List) I can remember my mom going nuts trying to find my sister the Tickle Me Elmo. After about two minutes Elmo was discarded to the side like most of the other presents we got that year. It always reminds me of that horrible Arnold movie Jingle All The Way… gotta get that Turbo Man Doll!

Holiday shopping has become more of a sport… Guess all I Can say is: “Go Get Um Champ!”


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